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  • Ethical · Innovative · Knowledgeable
    Newark Estate Planning, Family Law and Real Estate attorneys with 127 years of experience

  • Ethical · Innovative · Knowledgeable
    Newark Estate Planning, Family Law and Real Estate attorneys with 127 years of experience

  • Ethical · Innovative · Knowledgeable
    Newark Estate Planning, Family Law and Real Estate attorneys with 127 years of experience


Our Firm Handles Legal Matters in the Areas of Estate Planning, Family Law & Real Estate

We are committed to providing you with reliable service

Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer, P.L.L. is a respected law firm advocating for clients in Estate Planning, Family Law and Real Estate cases. Based in Newark, we are familiar with the courts throughout all of Ohio. Our attorneys have the necessary skill to help you resolve your legal problem. With 127 years of experience, we are focused on your success. Please read our profiles to learn more about our professional backgrounds.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law

Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer, P.L.L. has a thorough understanding of Ohio law. Our lawyers work hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Estate Planning: We handle Ohio estate planning matters involving tax issues, guardianships, wills, trusts and more. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting the financial security and well-being of you and your family.
  • Family Law: Changes in your family structure pose many challenges. Whether you are pursuing adoption, experiencing marital conflict, or facing another issue close to home, you need a family law attorney who can help you find solutions for your legal problems. We answer all of your questions as we guide you through your family law matter.
  • Real Estate: Our attorneys are knowledgeable about property issues and real estate disputes. We guide you through the process of negotiating, drafting and revising real estate documents, including contracts, mortgages, deeds and title documents. We also handle business real estate transactions and represent clients before planning and zoning boards.
  • Civil Litigation: A legal dispute can greatly affect both your business and personal life. Our civil litigation attorneys use litigation, arbitration and mediation to help businesses, families and individuals resolve their disputes.
  • Medical Malpractice Defense: If you are a medical professional who has been accused of acting negligently or recklessly on the job, you need a tenacious medical malpractice defense attorney on your side. Our attorneys vigorously defend you, protecting your license and your reputation.
  • Wrongful Death: The unexpected loss of a loved one is devastating, especially when their death was caused by another’s reckless behavior. We believe that the negligent parties need to be held responsible for their careless actions. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.
  • Tax Law: Tax law is an incredibly complex legal area. From preparation and filing to evasion and fraud, no matter what issue you are facing, you need to be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable tax law attorney.
  • Business Law: Our attorneys handle a full range of business law services, including formation, financial investment counseling, contract review and development, breach of contract, shareholder disputes and more. For experienced advocacy for your business, contact us today.
  • Insurance Defense: Our insurance defense attorneys represent insurance companies and self-insured corporations in cases involving insurance claims, insurance coverage issues, subrogation and more. We are dedicated to providing your company with experienced and knowledgeable representation.

When you retain the services of Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer, P.L.L., you can be assured that your attorney is fully qualified to take on your case.

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Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer, P.L.L. sees your case through from start to finish. Let our lawyers work with you to address your legal concerns. Our offices are conveniently located in Newark. Call the firm at 740-281-1894 to arrange your consultation or contact the firm online.